Wheelchair Billiards Quest Mission Statement: My mission is Raising Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Research and Support funds, and attention to the plight of all people with disabilities. While competing as a wheelchair billiards player on my quest to raise Spinal Cord Injury Awareness-Research-Support and through my participation on the “NWPA” and “PVABilliards Tournament Series Tour and a correspondent for Endeavor Freedom  TV as well as our wheelchair billiards quest blog  and also we will provide volunteer wheelchair billiard exhibitions at rehab and VA centers, hospitals, billiards parlors and for Spinal cord injury support groups etc.. Both private and public etc… While answering questions and expanding the outlook of the newly injured a lot being the young military men and women and helping to renew a positive outlook for others who have been injured. Documenting all on video and in still picture to share and raise the public image of the disabled to help promote independence and employability, an active healthy lifestyle and encouragement for the Disabled. Working together with the Accessibility Patriots  to help provide wheelchair access to those newly injured who may need help to modify their homes, with ramps, widen doors, bathrooms etc… by providing funding, labor, consulting, advice, contractors, and more. Individual, corporate, small business, nonprofits, are all welcome to help with our fund raising, and all will receive worldwide advertising  throughout our network of websites, tournaments, video’s, social media, and more just to show our appreciation. 100% of funds go towards helping with the accessibility patriots , funding exhibitions, and helping others become more active no mater their personal disability.

  • Personal History: Born Asheboro, NC 1969 raised in Fayetteville, NC. now currently living in Cebu Philippines.
  • Injured in a motorcycle Accident May 29, 1987 T-4 T-5 Para, at age 17 my senior year.
  • 1988 -1990 Fayetteville Tech. Community College Commercial Arts and Advertising.
  • Exposed to Billiards first at the SRRC* and then in the FTCC student center and fell in love with the game.(*Southeastern Regional Rehab Center) .
  • Oct. 29 1990 Open my own Business “The Game Room Billiards & Lounge” 1990-2002 Owner/Operator.
  • 1994 Played in my first wheelchair Billiards Tournament. “Silver Spokes 8-Ball” Mesa ,AZ.
  • 1995 Started playing on the Newly formed “NWBA” “National Wheelchair Billiards Association” Currently Known as “NWPA” “National Wheelchair Poolplayers Association”
  • 1995-1998 Real estate broker still Licensed Current.
  • 1996 Married, Divorced 2000. Single parent 1 Son now 16 years old. 2002-current. Became Licensed NC Health and Life Insurance Agent and started webdesign and internet marketing.
  • 2005 – current. Gained interest in website design, now website designer/builder Went back to school for my BSBA in information technology.
  • 2006 – current started work with US Dept. of Commerce office operations supervisor Currently Manager for Recruiting.
  • 2007 finished 3rd in the Viking Cues Points Championship for the NWPA and 7th in the “WPA” World Pool Association World Invitational 9-Ball Championship for Wheelchair Players. Still playing and training for the World Wheelchair Billiards Tour.

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Below is just a few snap shots from along the quest and we are currently updating the picture albums from all the years past to add to the blog in digital format.


The National Wheelchair Pool Players Association

     Las Vegas 8 Ball Championship


World 9 Ball Championship